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ダウンロードする SpeedFan 4.29

SpeedFan 4.29

Almico  (フリーウェア)





- added full support for AMD K8 (Sempron, Opteron, Athlon 64) internal temperature sensor
- added full support for Intel ICH8 SMBus
- added full support for NVIDIA MCP04
- events can now send EMAILs using the built-in multithreaded server
- SEND MAIL for events sends an email containing all current readings (temperatures, fans, fan speeds, voltages and hard disk status)
- implemented hysteresis in fan speeds control (this should greatly reduce fluctuations)
- optimized chart repainting
- fixed multiple instance detection of video cards
- added detection and support for new revisions of IT8712F
- added detection for some Analog Devices chips
- added support for hardware monitor at unusual addresses on W83627EHF
- identified some new Winbond W83627 revisions-hard disk temperature is recomputed in the IN-DEPTH ONLINE REPORT
- fixed "error loading event" message at startup