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ダウンロードする Opera 12.13

Opera 12.13

Opera Software  (フリーウェア)





# Fixes and Stability Enhancements
* General and User Interface
- Fixed an issue where Opera gets internal communication errors on Facebook
- Fixed an issue where no webpages load on startup, if Opera is disconnected from the Internet
- Fixed an issue where images will not load after back navigation, when a site uses the HTML5 history API (deviantart.com)
- Linux and Windows
> A new stand-alone update-checker, as part of a planned upgrade of the auto-update system
- Windows
> Improved protection against hijacking of the default search, including a one-time reset
* Security
- Fixed an issue where DOM events manipulation might be used to execute arbitrary code
- Fixed an issue where use of SVG clipPaths could allow execution of arbitrary code
- Fixed a low severity security issue; details will be disclosed at a later date
- Fixed an issue where CORS requests could omit the preflight request