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ダウンロードする NVIDIA Forceware 169.21 WHQL XP

NVIDIA Forceware XP 169.21 WHQL XP

NVIDIA Corporation  (フリーウェア)





" Added product support for GeForce 8800 GT
" Added product support for GeForce 8800 GTS 512
" Added product support for GeForce 8400

All GPUs
" The NVIDIA Control Panel Run Display Optimization Wizard back button
does not work.[302285]
" FEAR- reflection in the puddle flickers.[259670]
" Star Wars: Republic Commando: Application crashes when starting a new

GeForce 8 Series GPUs
" GeForce 8800 GTX: Dungeon Siege 2-the mouse cursor is 'laggy' and jittery
when CSAA is enabled.[297301]
" GeForce 8800 GTX: Changes in the NVIDIA Control Panel->Adjust Video
Color settings has no effect on Blu-ray disc videos. [273056]
" GeForce 8800 GT: Bioshock-a small black square appears during part of the
intro sequence when antialiasing is enabled. [358854]
" GeForce 8600: Thief Deadly Shadows-there is texture corruption when using
the game control panel default settings.[299579]
" GeForce 8600: There is corruption on the NVIDIA Control Panel->Resize
HDTV Desktop page after clicking Apply. [348665]
" GeForce 8500/8400/8300, GeForce 7300 GT: After switching from Dualview
mode to VGA single-display mode, the output appears on the DVI in singledisplay
mode. [327042]

GeForce 7 Series GPUs
" GeForce 7900 GTX: There is color corruption in the intro clips of Happy Feet
VC1 Blu-ray disc with WinDVD. [321000]
" GeForce 7800 GTX: Clicking Cancel after starting the NVIDIA Control Panel
ºResize HDTV desktopº function reverts the settings to the default instead of
the previous settings.[300995]
" GeForce 7300 GT: There is corruption on the HDMI display when first
switching to the HDMI after installing the driver. [332487]
" GeForce 7300 GT: NVRotate is not able to rotate the display from normal
mode to 180 degree rotated mode.[301341]

GeForce 6 Series GPUs
" GeForce 6800: Star Wars Empire at War - the application crashes to the
desktop after displaying the logo ¹petroglyph¹ during launch. [344182]
" GeForce 6600: The NVIDIA Control panel hangs