ダウンロードする NVIDIA Forceware 163.75 WHQL

NVIDIA Forceware XP  163.75 WHQL

NVIDIA Corporation  (フリーウェア)

* WHQL certified driver for GeForce FX, 6, 7, and 8 series GPUs.
* Added support for the following Motherboard GPUs:
o GeForce 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
o GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
o GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 620i
o GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630i
o GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i
* Improved compatibility and performance for NVIDIA SLI" technology on DirectX 9, and OpenGL applications.
* Game and application compatibility fixes. Please read the release notes for more information on product support, features, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.
* Users without English US operating systems are recommended to download International Drivers by selecting the appropriate language.