ダウンロードする NVIDIA Forceware 378.66 WHQL Win7 32-bit

NVIDIA Forceware WHQL Vista  378.66

NVIDIA Corporation  (フリーウェア)

# Changes and Fixes:
- [Surround]: Surround cannot be enabled on the XGPU.
- [G-Sync]: With G-Sync and V-Sync both enabled, there is a long delay when switching a game from full-screen mode to windowed mode.
- [Second Life 64-bit]: World view is tinted blue after disabling Advanced Lighting
- [The Division]: Shadows flicker after enabling PCSS.
- [Kepler GPUs][Battlefield 1]: There is flickering in the game when using TAA.
- [SLI][Battlefield Day28 Patch]: The menu text becomes jittery with SLI is enabled.
- [SLI][Surround][GeForce GTX 1080]: The system crashes when launching games in SLI Surround using HDMI 2.0 connections.
- [GeForce GTX 1080][Heroes of Storm]: The game crashes when launched.
- [GeForce 860M][Notebook]: Direct X games crash.
- [Minecraft]: Java SE Binary crashes pointing to nvinitx.dll.
- [GeForce GTX 980 Ti]: The driver is unable to detect multiple TV models.