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ダウンロードする MeGUI 1.0.2287

MeGUI 1.0.2287

MeGUI  (オープンソース)





# Features/Changes:
- enhanced AVS Script Creator (read details in the block below)
- added BassAudioSource() as audio decoder the default order is now: NicAudio, BassAudio, FFAudioSource, DirectShow
- enhanced OneClick e.g. mux input files into MKV if possible for better audio/video processing support
# Enhancements/Fixes:
- [Adaptive Muxer] fixed handling of the "and close" button
- [Audio Encoding Window] cosmetics
- [Audio] changed default value of the normalization to disabled
- [AVS Script Creator] added "Aspect Ratio Error"
- [AVS Script Creator] added option to enable upsizing in the profile (disabled by default)
- [AVS Script Creator] added option to select the default mod value in the profile (mod16 by default)
- [AVS Script Creator] adjusted "Clever (TM) anamorphic encoding" so the new mod values are used
- [AVS Script Creator] always show the correct output resolution when not resizing
- [AVS Script Creator] even with upsizing allowed the default resolution will use no upsizing
- [AVS Script Creator] moved "acceptable aspect error" setting into the AviSynth profile (1% by default)
- [AVS Script Creator] resize is enabled by default in the profiles (only for new profiles)
- [AVS Script Creator] suggest resolution is automatically pre-selected when doing a resize
- [AVS Script Creator] use very high accuracy for anamorphic encodings if acceptable aspect error is set to 0%
- [HD Streams Extractor] + [MP4 Muxer] fixed wrong detection of errors if file name contains "error"
- [HD Streams Extractor] fixed handling of seamless branching EVO files
- [HD Streams Extractor] log adjustments for eac3to 3.25+
- [Job] improved aborting of Jobs
- [MediaInfo] improved aspect ratio detection
- [MP4 Muxer] improved iOS compatibility when using multiple audio/subtitle tracks.
- [OneClick] added option to extract the core from HD audio tracks
- [OneClick] added option to reset the working/output directories in the profile
- [OneClick] added option to use only the first audio track from a specific language
- [OneClick] lowered default priority of the DGA indexer
- [OneClick] pgcdemux will only be used if more than one PGC is found
- [OneClick] remove phantom audio/subtitle tracks detected by MediaInfo when processing Blu-ray
- [OneClick] warn if identical tracks are about to be processed
- [QAAC] disable TVBR in HE-AAC.
- [QAAC] if CoreAudioToolbox.dll is missing an information will be displayed
- [Queue] related jobs are highlighted when selecting a job
- [Queue] warn if intermediate files of an incomplete job are going to be deleted
- [Queue] when deleting a job warn always if it is part of a related job series
- [Update] added system proxy. Patch by Shevek
- [Update] fixed a crash if the proxy has been enabled without server address
- [Worker] a finished temporary worker will not start anymore idle workers.
- [Worker] a temporary worker will always be deleted after a job is finished (successful or not)
- [Worker] fixed temporary worker only processing one job
- [Worker] if a job is aborted the corresponding worker will be stopped
- [Worker] several small optimizations