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ダウンロードする MediaMonkey


Ventis Media  (フリーウェア)





- Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping fails for some users when 'Secure read' mode is selected (regression on x64)
- Fixed [Codec] in_mfaudio plugin sometimes crashes on corrupted m4a files
- Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] FLAC playback fails from Serviio server
- Fixed [Framework: Tagging] MediaMonkey updates lyrics language to XXX
- Fixed [Install/Config] Rip type combo box incorrectly aligned with the german translation
- Fixed [Install/Config] Portable mode isn't fully portable
- Added [Install/Config] Workaround to allow Portable mode to use plugins that rely on MM COM Server
- Fixed [Main Panel] Art Browser can throw an Divizion by zero issue
- Fixed [Main Panel] Problems adding/removing columns in the column browser
- Fixed [Other] Full screen party mode can be exited just by dragging down the title bar
- Fixed [Player] Playing previous track after scrolling --> crash (regression)
- Fixed [Player] Radio stations fail to display track metadata (when playing by Media Foundation)
- Fixed [Synchronization] iPods (non-iOS) are incorrectly named in MM (regression)
- Fixed [Synchronization] Prefixes are ignored during synchronization (iOS5)
- Fixed [Synchronization] MediaMonkey crashes when unplugging iPhone in some cases
- Fixed [Synchronization] Played# increases for tracks synced to iOS5 device inaccordingly sometimes
- Fixed [Synchronization] Successively syncing playlists manually corrupts previously synced playlists (MTP only)
- Fixed [Synchronization] Podcasts disappear upon second sync to iPod Classic 3G 160GB with firmware 2.0.4