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ダウンロードする MailWasher Free 7.9.0

MailWasher 7.9.0

MailWasher  (フリーウェア)





* Fix for retrieving IMAP folders when passwords contain special characters.
* Fix for IMAP account testing reporting success on a failure.
* Fix for crash when closing Search during a mail check.
* Fix for MailWasher de-registering itself.
* Fix for Recycle Bin not displaying all emails logged.
* Fix for Tell A Friend incorrectly formatting email.
* Fix for importing accounts from Outlook 2016.
* Fix for MailWasher getting hung when STOP is pressed.
* Fix for grouping sort being altered by clearing the message list.
* Fix for Profanity Filter crash.
* Fix for database VACUUM failing.
* Fix for crash when registering with Japanese characters.
* Fix for 'Browser not supported' message when trying to authenticate an OAUTH account.
* Fix for Friends List and Blacklist not importing.
* Fix for case sensibility when grouping by subject.
* Fix for Restore triggering IMAP command.
* Fix for MailWasher launching as Admin after a Standard User install.
* Fix for manual clearing of Recycle Bin not clearing All Logged Emails.
* Fix for invalid EHLO characters during SMTP sessions.
* Fix for crash when Preview Window is out of screen bounds.
* Fix for crash when loading certain emails in Recycle Bin.
* Updated SQLite.