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ダウンロードする LibreOffice

LibreOffice 4.0.0 RC 1

LibreOffice.org  (オープンソース)

# Bugs fixed:
- fix DOCX import of last empty header/footer para char props
- sw: add TabOverMargin compat mode
- Thai text in some UI elements will be displayed overlapped on Windows Vista / Windows 7
- Incorrect Viewing of Thai characters after certain characters
- changing zoom in Writer makes the display jump to wrong page
- Basic IDE UI: Changed language of strings not immediately displayed in dialog form
- FILEOPEN - broken layout of rtf document
- postition of imported chart/shapes from xlsx is bad
- FORMATTING: Autoformat empty rows causes app to crash
- FILEOPEN document with Punjabi Font will CRASH
- PPT EXPORT: Tabulators are displaced after exporting to PPT format
- FILEOPEN .doc/.docx (MSO2007) Bullet lists show wrong bullet symbols MacOS X
- Shortcut names are not localized on Linux
- crash when running "shell()" with a non-existent program
- error in saving empty footnote in RTF format
- Unable to localize key names
- EDITING: Input in a timestamp-field only with completed date-input possible
- TABLE: Date Number Formatting ISO 8601 with wrong number recognition result, Day becomes Year, Day always 1
- Pictures not rendered and text missing when rendering RTF document
- VIEWING of particular DRAW OLE object incomplete, pixel picture in it is missing
- Calc IMPORT: crash during opening of xlsx document [backtrace with symbols attached
- Resuming after (OS) crash wil not allow new document while a document titled "Untitled 1" is open.
- EDITING: Calculate formula: DEl or BS to empty a cell with a formula, does not result in updating a formula referencing that cell
- EDITING: freeze when drag-and-drop from Calc input line to anywhere on OSX when BetterTouchTool option "window snapping" is active
- switching between sheets with different directionality hides the + button for new sheet
- EDITING: Custom shape becomes text field or disappears when editing text or color from saved file
- Launching .vbs before LibO causes error "Unknown option: -Embedding" and command line help appears
- FILEOPEN XLS: Severe performance regressions in LO compared to Open Office
- FILEOPEN: TABLES from particular RTF file imported as plain text
- FORMATTING Page style Default has Page layout 'Mirrored' as default - also for existing documents
- formula mangled when FILEOPEN particular .RTF
- EDITING: duration for copy or deletion of 1 sheet depends on number of sheets with CONDITIONAL FORMATTING in document.
- PIVOTTABLE does not keep date format and crash while grouping
- Writer table functions are not calculated before printing
- RTF FILEOPEN import result 2 pages (1 page in LO 3.4)
- FILESAVE as ppt and pps (MSO97): rejected by MSO with warning message
- FORMATTING: Cell rendering differs from version
- BASIC's HEX Command since V3.6.1 (when bug 42492 fix was applied) now returns lower case "a" to "f" characters
- weakref / lifecycle nightmare on calc draw shape load
- Macros: OnPrint Event
- Install fails if .NET Framework 4.0 (Client) is not present
- Extension CT2N crashes on function Input (from File)
- Fatal error during startup (migration of legacy .zip extension fails)
- FORMATTING: Conditional formatting 'Date is Next...' does not work in case of change of year
- "Send Feedback..." URL invalid in other languages then English
- CRASH when FILEOPEN particular .docx (MSO2007)
- print current page macro has different behaviour in 4.0 beta
- CRASH when I click on FORMATS in advanced option of search dialog box.
- documents that crash Libreoffice Calc master from 18.12.2012
- Invalid ODF 1.2: " tag name "text:p""
- word-count horrible slowness
- FORMATTING: DataBars More options dialogue has incorrect 'bar colours' heading
- [Writer] Options in Position tab of paragraph style not distributed equally over available space
- Remove accelerators of "~Change Case" from Undo/Redo dropdown list
- KeyID in UI do not match Pootle's
- CONDITIONAL FORMATTING lost after sheet has been copied to new document
- VIEWING: mysql-database and table names not correct, SQL-error when opening table
- "enable macro recording" status lost at restart
- "Ctrl+P". print dialog not shown. prints file directly
- FORMATTING: conditional formatting have weird result
- FILEOPEN .xlsx: "IF" condition not calculated
- FILEOPEN: type information of formula error results lost in cached results
- make sure the column index is valid
- limit the number of imported digits
- crash in pdf export with large transparent bitmaps
- don't overflow column number during import
- form text field with text type "multi-line with formatting" is printed enlarged
- [abrt] libreoffice-core- dereference NULL pSwView in SwXTextDocument::getRendererCount
- libreoffice Impress constantly crashes