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ダウンロードする LibreOffice

LibreOffice 3.6.1 RC 2

LibreOffice.org  (オープンソース)

- CRASH when browse to HD root directory in FILEOPEN Template dialog
- FILEOPEN pptx arrows are shifted to the left
- Don't default to desktop pollution
- shlxthdl_x64.dll/shlxthdl.dll causes Windows Explorer to CRASH repeatedly when Flat ODF file is in view
- FILEOPEN error reading Content (TOC) from a DOCX
- UI: CRASH when edit LibO File Dialog Path Pane
- FILE SAVE AS: Can not edit read-only file after SAVE AS
- FILEOPEN "CSV" import not correctly recognizing space and text field delimiters, i.e. web log file
- LO 3.6 crashes when saving complex ods as xls
- Install 3.6.1 RC 1 on 3.6.0 RC4, causes crash on startup