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ダウンロードする KeePass 1.13

KeePass 1.13

KeePass  (オープンソース)





This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade
from any previous 1.x version to 1.13.

08/09/07 - 1.13
- Completely new auto-type/URL placeholder replacement and
field reference engine
- Added internal field reference cache (highly improves
performance of multiple-cyclic/recursive field references)
- Added support for Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) paths
(Windows) in the URL field (without cmd:// prefix)
- Added command in the 'Tools' menu in the entry editing dialog
to insert the default auto-type sequence into the notes
- On Windows Vista and higher, the read-only mode message box
is displayed as a modern task dialog
- Added option to exclude expired entries in the 'Find' dialog
- Added advanced option to include expired entries in quick
searches (toolbar; enabled by default)
- Added advanced option to automatically sort items in the
auto-type entry selection dialog (enabled by default)
- Added advanced option to disable automatic clearing of the
clipboard when closing/locking the database (default: clear)
- Added Ctrl-Shift-F accelerator for the 'Find in this Group'
main menu command
- Added {NUMPAD0} to {NUMPAD9} to documentation
- The RmvDup plugin now supports removing empty groups

- The current working directory is now restored after manually
browsing for a key file
- Duplicating entries now doesn't clear the search results list
- Improved performance of high ANSI and special character
encoding for auto-type sequences
- When using PuTTY for ssh:// URLs, references within the user
name field are now dereferenced
- Auto-type definition lines and field references generated by
commands in the 'Tools' menu of the entry editing dialog are
now appended to the notes instead of being inserted at top
- Improved UUID string parsing
- Improved cmd:// URL handling
- {VKEY xxx} now doesn't need to be initialized anymore using
other auto-type special key codes
- Updated auto-type global hot key hint when registering fails
- Various code optimizations
- Minor other improvements
- Minor installer improvements

- Cyclic password field references now work correctly
- KeePass does not crash anymore when being in mini mode and
clicking Cancel in the initial database creation dialog