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ダウンロードする KeePass 1.06

KeePass 1.06

KeePass  (オープンソース)





- Locking workspace when locking Windows or switching user is
now optional (see Security tab, option disabled by default)
- Improved password quality estimation algorithm
- Improved auto-type window focusing; it is recommended that
you try the new default auto-type method (i.e. not the
alternative one)
- Implemented remote control (feature disabled by default)
- After performing a search and opening the Add Entry window,
the first top-level group is selected by default instead of
the search results group
- Added a few icons to the client icons list (password list)
- Last access time is now updated on auto-typing (both context
menu invokation and global auto-type hot key)
- Improved KeePass startup performance (BCMenu)
- Changed default button in 'Overwrite Key-File' dialog
- Improved update-checking messages
- Renamed "Expire Time" to "Expiration Time"
- Improved support for empty databases
- Fixed tab order in Add/Edit Entry dialog
- Improved handling of Windows session ending
- Databases are saved before logging off from Windows
- The 'Save' toolbar button is grayed (but pressable) if the
database hasn't been modified
- Strings containing quotes are now passed correctly over the
- Clarified some messages