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ダウンロードする Avant Browser 2012 Build 171

Avant Browser 2012 B 171

Avant Force  (フリーウェア)





* [Update] Chrome rendering engine(19.0.1084.46)
* [Update] Firefox rendering engine(
* [Fix] Video download problem on youtube
* [Fix] The problem of starting a second avant browser to open an external link in the case of having created a shortcut with the parameter runextra
* [Fix] Focus problem
* [Fix] PDF document download problem
* [Fix] Disable videos option didn't prevent some videos from playing
* [Fix] Sometimes the address bar drop down list didn't save correctly the typed address
* [Fix] A glitch after exiting Full Desktop mode
* [Fix] Buttons were invisible after narrowing down the interface of downloader
* [Fix] Detaching and minimizing a tab caused it to be closed.
* [Fix] Extra instance didn't open its reopen.dat.
* [Fix][Trident] No padlock Icon on secure sites
* [Fix][Trident] Disabling "Prompt to save logins" didn't take effet.
* [Fix][Gecko] "Click to see if your plugins are up to date" didn't work