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ダウンロードする ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.9 XP

AMD Catalyst Drivers XP 9.9 XP

AMD Inc  (フリーウェア)





Resolved Issues for All Windows Operating Systems

* Catalyst Control Center - Basic now responds properly after exiting Quick Adjust
Video Settings
* Edge enhancement and de-noise sliders in Catalyst Control Center no longer lags or appears out of sync with mouse movement
* Launching Hotkeys Manager in Catalyst Control Center no longer causes an
unhandled exception error
* The "Desktop Rotation" page in Catalyst Control Center no longer shows additional
information for the second display when the secondary adapter is connected
* HDMI is now detected properly as DTV (HDMI) instead of DTV (DVI) when the
HDMI display is hotplugged for the first time
* Catalyst Control Center no longer displays error message when specific HDMI
displays are hot unplugged and hotplugged back

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System

* Intermittent failures no longer occur with MediaShow Espresso once a transcoding
process has been completed

Resolved Issues for the Windows Vista Operating System

* Running OpenGL applications in windowed mode on extended desktop no longer
causes the secondary display to go blank for some ASICs
* Task switching between the desktop and a game in progress no longer has a visible
delay (7-10 seconds)
* Enabling Screen Space Ambient Occlusion option in "Riddick 2 Dark Athena" no
longer causes the game to fail under Multi-GPU configurations
* Catalyst Control Center no longer shows both HDMI displays as DVI when they are
connected via HDMI port and to DVI port via HDMI-DVI dongle
* Windows Aero Glass Effects now works properly during HD Blu-ray playback

Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System

* Resuming video playback after S1 sleep no longer causes HDMI audio to disappear
* Changes to AVIVO Basic color settings are now retained after Catalyst Control
Center is re-opened
* AVIVO Basic color setting changes can now be applied during HD DVD playback
on specific ASICs on XP Media Center Edition