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ダウンロードする ATI Catalyst Drivers 9.11 Vista

AMD Catalyst Drivers Vista 9.11 Vista

AMD Inc  (フリーウェア)





All systems:
* Now able to enable and disable CrossFire when three displays are configured in extended mode
* Catalyst Control Center no longer stops responding when setting Eyefinity SLS (Single Large Surface) mode for extended HDMI display

Windows Vista:
* ANNO 1404 (also known as "Dawn of Discovery") no longer displays black texture corruption instead of surface terrain for some ASICs
* A green line at the bottom when playing some interlaced content no longer occurs
* Age of Conan no longer shows flashing corruption when played under CrossFire with medium or high settings
* Video corruption no longer occurs when playing some H.264 video files under Cyberlink Power DVD
* PowerDVD no longer intermittently terminates when playing HD MPEG2 content in extended/clone mode
* Supreme Commander no longer shows flickering on the primary display with extended desktop
* Extended display are no longer disabled when CrossFire is enabled for the primary adapter
* The de-noise value in the Avivo Video - Advanced Quality page is now set to the proper default value after driver installation
* Crysis Warhead no longer stops responding when playing at very high settings with CrossFire enabled

Windows 7:
* calMemCopy() no longer causes some systems with 2 ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2s to become unresponsive
* Resolved, high bit rate audio from Blu-ray discs might not output when using PowerDVD 10
* World in Conflict (DX10) no longer exhibits corruption when exiting from multi-player game with extended desktop
* resolved Tom Clancy's HAWX (in DX9 and DX10) no audio output during game play on some systems
* Choppy video and audio no longer occurs when more than one digital audio source is enabled
* Wolfenstein no longer stops responding when running in display mode of 2560 x 1600
* Resolved WinDVD Blu-ray playback will not start until application has been minimized and restored
* WinDVD application now repaints and no longer remain on screen
* Resolved display driver incompatibility with Resident Evil 5 Japanese release
* Desktop is no longer cut short when 720P 60Hz HDTV custom mode is added in Windows 7 for some ASICs