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Wireshark  1.4.2

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* The following bugs have been fixed:
- File-Open Display Filter is overwritten by Save-As Filename. (Bug 3894)
- Wireshark crashes with "Gtk-ERROR **: Byte index 6 is off the end of the line" if click on last PDU. (Bug 5285)
- GTK-ERROR can occur in packets when there are multiple Netbios/SMB headers in a single frame. (Bug 5289)
- "Tshark -G values" crashes on Windows. (Bug 5296)
- PROFINET I&M0FilterData packet not fully decoded. (Bug 5299)
- PROFINET MRP linkup/linkdown decoding incorrect. (Bug 5300)
- [lua] Dumper:close() will cause a segfault due later GC of the Dumper. (Bug 5320)
- Network Instruments' trace files sometimes cannot be read with an error message of "Observer: bad record: Invalid magic number". (Bug 5330)
- IO Graph Time of Day times incorrect for filtered data. (Bug 5340)
- Wireshark tools do not detect and read some ERF files correctly. (Bug 5344)
- "editcap -h" sends some lines to stderr and others to stdout. (Bug 5353)
- IP Timestamp Option: "flag=3" variant (prespecified) not displayed correctly. (Bug 5357)
- AgentX PDU Header 'hex field highlighting' incorrectly spans extra bytes. (Bug 5364)
- AgentX dissector cannot handle null OID in Open-PDU. (Bug 5368)
- Crash with "Gtk-ERROR **: Byte index 6 is off the end of the line". (Bug 5374)
- ANCP Portmanagment TLV wrong decoded. (Bug 5388)
- Crash during startup because of Python SyntaxError in (Bug 5389)

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