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Scarica WinSCP 4.2.5

WinSCP 4.2.5

Da WinSCP  (Open Source)
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* Environment variable WINSCP_PATH pointing to path, where WinSCP executable file is located, is set on startup, so it can be used to configure portable paths relative to the WinSCP executable file. 311
* It is not possible to cancel master password prompt anymore, when saving session with passwords.
* Slash added to names of directories in search results to distinguish them from files.
* Keyboard shortcut for finding files changed to F3 in Explorer interface.
* Path is recorded in history after changing directory in console window. 518
* Replacing characters not allowed in local file names is taken into account with synchronized browsing. 512
* Merged error message and directory creation confirmation box into one, when synchronized browsing cannot find corresponding opposite directory. 347
* Synchronized browsing can handle change to different directory branch. 101
* Placed Use same options next time on synchronization dialog above transfer settings box to make it clear that transfer settings are not saved. 519
* SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2008-11-22, revision 8755). It does not bring any notable change.
* Bug fix: When master password changing was canceled, message informing about successful change appeared anyway.
* Bug fix: No help was associated with Security tab of Preferences dialog.
* Bug fix: Passwords in default session settings were not re-encrypted when master password was changed.
* Bug fix: Empty session password were in rare situation encrypted using master password, what caused seemingly useless prompts for master passwords.
* Bug fix: WinSCP did not offer to unset read-only flag when overwriting local files anymore.
* Bug fix: Error when downloading remote files from root directory into temporary local directory. 502
* Bug fix: Failure when retrying connect attempt after host is not resolved. 503
* Bug fix: Incorrect calculation of DST start/end date. 504
* Bug fix: Session data on Login dialog were overwritten when locale is changed. 508
* Bug fix: Error when moving local directory to remote side. 509
* Bug fix: Help for put scripting command incorrectly claimed that -append switch is valid for FTP protocol only.
* Bug fix: Ampersands (&) in names of transfer settings presets and custom commands were handled inconsistently. 506
* Bug fix: Excluding file from transfer did not prevent access to the file. 514
* Bug fix: Error when daylight saving is not properly configured in Windows. 519
* Bug fix: Shell icon for stored session in folder could not be created. 515