Scarica WinSCP 5.9.1

WinSCP  5.9.1

Da WinSCP  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

* Translations completed: Catalan, Swedish and Polish.
* Several files can be opened in editor at once using their paths.
* Change: Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles does not throw when reading subdirectory fails.
* Implemented Beep when work finishes also for Keep remote directory up to date.
* Tunnel inherits SSH options from the main session.
* Custom command and PuTTY patterns are case-insensitive.
* Custom sound for Beep when work finishes.
* Make WinSCP default handler command opens Set Program Associations for WinSCP even on Windows 10.
* Informing, when the script file is not in supported encoding.
* Handling directory listing entries with question marks.
* Bug fix: Failure when user’s Documents folder cannot be loaded on start.
* Bug fix: GSSAPI authentication is not working in tunneled session.
* Bug fix: Some scripting commands or command-line switches were not recognized on some locales (like Welsh) when used or defined with a mixed case (like /XmlLog vs. /xmllog).
* Bug fix: When a passive file panel is focused after reload, the panel is scrolled to show the previously focused file, what can cause unintended behavior.
* Bug fix: When the current console font (e.g. raster) does not support Unicode, some console output might be lost.
* Bug fix: Command-line toolbar was not disabled for WebDAV sessions.
* Bug fix: The -pw argument is added to PuTTY command-line, even when !P pattern is used.
* Bug fix: Certificate validation fails on Windows Vista and older.
* Bug fix: Ordering of columns that are invisible by default is not preserved.
* Bug fix: UTF-16 script files cannot be loaded.

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