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# New Features:
- UI | Added peer menus to peers in the swarm view
- UI | Tags now visibly grouped by their group in Tagging view
- UI | Torrent List for Tags Overview now has "Any/All" checkbox when multiple tags are selected
- UI | General view now shows file boundaries and skipped file zones
- UI | Network bindings can now be cleared via status icon context menu
- UI | Raw hashes entered as search expressions now support arguments
- UI | Added last-error column for subscriptions
- UI | Added alternative network hints to seeds/peers column
- UI | Network Information added to the top-view (F8 to show)
- UI | Files view now supports multiple download managers
- UI | Show files menu option added to Tags
- UI | Detect existing archived downloads when adding a new one
- UI | Added button to create RSS feeds from chats
- UI | Added description column for downloads to allow viewing and modification
- UI | Added context menus to set a download's thumbnail and torrent source
- UI | Option to set a tag's group when creating it
- UI | Tags Overview can now edit some settings when multiple tags selected
- Core | Added option to reset long term stats and tag session totals
- Core | Session up/down, Total up/down values per tag now recorded
- Core | Support tag-based and peer-set based network limits
- Core | Speed limit handler now supports tag based upload prioritization
- Core | Added sliding window support to network limits
- Core | Added an auto-restart feature
- Core | Option to add a unique prefix to files to avoid name clashes
- Core | Added 'seedingfor', 'downloadingfor' to Tag contraints
- Core | Tags now support 'start/force-start/stop' actions on assign
- Core | Option to abort actions such as 'closedown computer when seeding complete'
- Core | Decentralized websites now support linking via torrent, magnet or other sites
- Core | Decentralized websites auto-tagged as such
- Core | Option to move torrent files to separate golder on completion/removal
- Core | Added option to Timed Rotation Queue rule for longer min seeding time when torrent is connected to a peer
- Plug | Web plugins can now bind to interfaces as well as IP addresses
- Plug | Magnet plugin now has default network options
- Plug | RSS to Chat plugin now supports website presentation
# Changes:
- UI | Adjustments for High DPI (4k) monitors and large font systems
- UI | Multiple magnet links now copied from selection
- UI | Subscriptions now sorted in the side bar
- UI | Subscription totals now always shown in side bar
- UI | Rename torrent display name more sensibly on folder change
- UI | Progress window is now non-modal
- UI | Chat will now default to 'no network' rather than 'public' when no download context
- UI | Closing unseletcted sidebar entry no longer loads screen before closing
- UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update
- UI | Basque translation update
- UI | Tweaks to improve GTK3 support
- Core | Timed Rotation Queue Rule now based on last seeded time of torrent, instead of torrent position.
- Core | File priorities compressed to save resources
# Corrected Bugs:
- UI | Fix blurry table text on Retina displays
- UI | Restore ability of console UI to run without SWT classes being present
- UI | Big, Unopened torrents view should not be showing incomplete downloads
- UI | Fix clicking on peers in swarm view selecting same peer in peers view
- UI | Fix empty constraints being saved incorrectly and causing problems
- UI | Made various sub-views handle selection consistently
- UI | Better sizing of oversized windows to fit within monitor
- Core | Ignore restoration failures of bad config files
- Core | Fix tag up/down disable to operate at peer level not network level
- Core | Fix for initial tag assignment for auto-download subscriptions
- Core | Fixed issue with renamed simple torrents
- Core | Various fixes around SSL handling (SNI, DH key size limits)
- Core | Handle IPv6 zone index in URIs
- Core | Untagged tag didn't handle initial-save-location
- Plug | Reduced resource usage required to peek uninitialized channels