Scarica TeamSpeak Client 3.1.2 (32-bit)

TeamSpeak Client 32-bit 3.1.2

Da TeamSpeak Systems GmbH  (Freeware non commerciale)
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Added new hotkey setting to use this hotkey only in the current server tab.
(experimental) added command line arguments to let users with broken gfx drivers force using Angle DirectX backend or software rendering: --force-opengl-angle --force-opengl-soft.
Control plugin is now managed by the online addon system
Various improvements to Overwolf integration.
Minor update to license agreement logic to avoid showing a new license text when users are not required to re-accept the license.
Windows Audio Session (WASAPI) sound backend improvements.
Readded possibility to use ts3server links with token and addbookmark parameters, which got lost with sync changes in 3.1. Instead of storing a token in the bookmark as pre-3.1, the token is locally stored in a file and used the first time a connection is established via the added bookmark. Such tokens will not be synchronized via myTeamSpeak.
Improved text in error reporter to make more clear what we are going to upload.
Updated some permission help texts.
Fixed incorrect channel password being used on automatic reconnect.
Fixed bookmarks manager drag&drop where autoconnect bookmarks lost their bold state.
Fixed order of autoconnect bookmarks to behave again like in pre-3.1 clients.
Fixed package installer failing on package.ini files encoded with UTF-8-BOM.
TSDNS deprecated dialog is now a message in the server tab.
Fixes to sync status display in statusbar.
Minor fixes to myTeamSpeak recovery key behaviour, don't allow using a recovery key after logging out of myTeamSpeak account.
Fixed myTeamSpeak item collision dialog to no longer try to solve a collision while the item has already been deleted.
Multiple improvements and fixes to new hotkey backend introduced in 3.1.1.
Minor fixes to file browser introduced with recent filetransfer rewrite.