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- Fixed: FTP help file page was missing text
- Fixed: Decision on what to do if files same was not being used unless hashing comparison was also enabled
- Fixed: Being able to go Back on restore wizard when nothing to go back to
- Fixed: Renaming a profile may not always update the schedule
- Fixed: Using a key file for encryption of the settings
- Fixed: Memory leak when selecting files and folders in profile configuration
- Updated: If an absolute path is entered into filters then it is left unchanged
- Updated: When scheduling a profile that uses mapped drives by default the schedule is set to use a password
- Updated: Performance improvements when FTP server does not support SIZE command
- Updated: Choosing a version in Differences window now displays a pop-up window to choose version
- Updated: Getting and setting file and folder security improved to reduce chance of access denied error
- Updated: Main page of log file will show username used for UNC connection if connecting as default user
- Updated: Non-critical error recorded if NTFS security cannot be retrieved for a file or folder
- Updated: Can use wildcards for When->Insert settings
- Updated: Will detect if copying compressed versions and will rename the uncompressed version so it is valid
- Updated: Default is now to automatically check for updates instead of prompting on second run
- Updated: Will not prompt user about visiting online tutorials when first run
- Updated: Will not prompt user for location of other SyncBack if it cannot be found when first run
- Updated: When making Windows network connection will check if can scan files to see if already connected