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Scarica SnagIt


Da Tech Smith  (Trial commerciale)
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Che cos'è la garanzia di sicurezza FileHippo?


Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.


Logging into Snagit and the outputs for Google Drive, YouTube, Screencast, and Relay will now send you to your default browser instead of a sheet in Snagit.
Improved the Photo Quality Auto-Fill beta feature.
Can again deploy with custom presets and preferences.
With Always Shrink to Fit on, resizing Editor will adjust the zoom level. That setting will also be remembered between launches.
Fixed an issue that would result in an error when trying to record the screen on some Windows 7 machines.
Fixed an issue that would cause recording to stop after 10 minutes when controls were minimized.
Fixed an issue causing the login screen for Evernote to be blank.
Fixed a crash on startup that was related to tool themes.
Fixed an issue that would cause some settings to reset after rebooting.
Deleting the Snagit folder in My Documents will no longer prevent deleting auto-saved captures.
Can now update your translated files by re-importing a translated XLIFF file.
Fixed a crash for some users when exporting for translation.
Made the Snagit Updater more reliable.
Other bug fixes and performance improvements.