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Scarica SeaMonkey 2.14 Beta 1

SeaMonkey 2.14 Beta 1

Da Mozilla Organization  (Freeware)
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# Features
- Added support for new light coloring on Mac OS X.
- The MailNews message storage scheme now supports Gmail IMAP extensions X-GM-MSGID (unique message ID), X-GM-THRID (thread ID) and X-GM-LABELS (labels) in addition to XLIST.
- Clicking the offline error page Try Again button goes online again now.
- The mouse wheel Preferences pane has been rewritten.
- "Number of messages" and "Size on disk" are now shown in Folder Properties.
- A Set Desktop Background dialog has been implemented.
# Fixes
- Edited contacts could not be saved if the address book contained lists.
- If a folder renaming fails during the compact process, removing folder files should be avoided now.
- The feed validator failed to work with locations that need to be encoded.
- Messages could show wrong content (body text) after a move to another folder.
- Feeds that did not provide a last modified date failed to work.
- Resetting Sync now handles add-ons properly.
- All bookmarks were deleted and reset to default bookmarks if all bookmarks-*.json backup files were deleted.
- The highlight behind the selected search term in the Filter Rules, Search Messages and Search Addresses windows has been removed.
- The "Reply with template" filter action now gets hidden when no usable templates exist.
- An ID has been added to the Web Development menu separator to make it easier for extensions to hook into the Tools menu.
- The account manager no longer permanently disables unrecognized extension-added accounts.
- Moving/copying feed subscriptions could stop downloads from happening.
- The number of actions in the Filter Rules window is now unlimited.
- Storing junk filter settings could fail for deferred email account due to invalid spamActionTargetAccount/Folder preferences.
- The account manager Return Receipts pane now includes a Global Preferences button.
- Uploading files larger than 2GB failed.
- The display of the Sidebar Tabs menu button has been improved.
- A delete confirmation dialog has been added to the MailNews Identity list editor.
- If there is no sort order on an address book column, the first click on header now sorts ascending.
- PDF attachments could not be opened from certain mails.
- The compose window progress dialog now better differentiates between sending and saving of a message.
- Support for closing inactive databases (folders).
- has been added in order to help improve memory footprint and file handle limit issues.
- Double clicking a column header in the History window opened the selected history item.
- The Most visited list on the Bookmarks Toolbar could contain repeat entries.
- The layout of elements in the Filter Rules window now uses the space available in the dialog more efficiently and consistently.
- Set Desktop Background now works with GNOME.
- Move, Copy and Delete to Local Folders performed poorly with data stored on a network file system.