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Scarica Samurize 1.64

Samurize 1.64

Da Samurize.com  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

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Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with Increase/Decrease/change alerts with Images
- Fixed bug that remote meters only read one line
- Fixed bug with Remote meter Port settings in the Config editor
- Fixed a bug with Value Contains / Doesnt Contain if the value is space
- Fixed a bug with the unique meters not being selected correctly in the meter list
- Fixed bug with server not saving the port correctly if changed from 9090
- Fixed bug with perfmons that needed a reload
- Fixed bug with incorrectly holding Window State for AppBars
- Fixed bug with AppBar locations and multi-screen
- Fixed bug with Border width settings for Meters and Graphical Objects
- Fixed bug with PNG images being downloaded from the web
- Fixed bug in Vertical scroll when using %tab
- Server sends back better informational messages in Remote Mode
- Fixed default image so that it downloads correctly from internet
- Fixed Fade problem bug
- Fixed a bug with Tool Tips being cached if no tooltip was returned on the next refresh
- Fixed ToolTip so that it returns the value without re-calling the function
- Fixed Memory Leak in Meter Linkage
- Fixed Pause Config bug when reloading a config
- Fixed Alphabetic sort problem with MeterList


- Alert Images can now use %v within them
- Upgraded Graphical Components to latest level
- Added a new color preference for selected and highlighted meters
- Enable dragging and dropping between groups
- Added a WM_PAINT message enabling people to get access to the Samurize produced bitmap
- Option to display text in toolbars of the config editor
- Shadow Color added to Preferences
- Default number of lines for Text File meters increased to 10
- MeterList group selection now works correctly.
- MeterList Multi selection working using ctrl
- Date / Time Meter has time zone support
- POP3 Trace within Config Editor
- Eclipse supports configurable border size
- WM_SAM_SHOW lparam = 1 will give focus to the samurize window
- Added further png image support
- Autohide added to Appbar Functionality
- Locale fix for Plugins and Scripts returning , or . will be changed to the local Decimal Separator instead
- Added command line parameters for Docking the client window
- Up/Down Meters can have multiple network cards selected
- Changed draw order of the Grid/Borders
- Added Proxy support to images
- Rulers have been added to the config editor
- Added ZOrder for Meter List (note that Graphical Objects will always be at the bottom of the list)
- Click through has been turned off by default when first load of client
- Added ability to force Antialiasing of Text (meaning it doesnt have to be turned on in the rest of windows).
- Meter Maths is not allowed to be used with 'Text Meter' (source not output) so its been disabled.
- Text shadow will allow negative values
- Design Area size can be customized (Advanced users only)
- Gradient Fill Progressbars
- Progress bars can have a raised effect
- Updated Windows components to Latest level
- Holding space when Design area has focus will allow you to move it around.
- Added WM_SAM_GET_SAMURIZE_DIRECTORY support to the Config Editor.
- Meter Maths now copes with adding strings together.
- Added WM_SAM_GET_PROXYSETTINGS support to the Config Editor.
- Description added to plugin about and about button added to input plugin panel.
- Graphical Objects can have shadows when in fill mode (Currently line doesnt work)
- Completely redone how Input actions are added to Meters.
- Text Meters are now sorted correctly.
- Uptime meter has padding values