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Scarica PeaZip 3.5.0

PeaZip 3.5.0

Da Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

Che cos'è la garanzia di sicurezza FileHippo?


Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.


- (Windows) 7z 9.20 stable
- (Windows) 7z.sfx and 7z-con.sfx modules updated to 9.20 stable version, customised with PeaZip icons
- Pea 0.33, updated look and feel of the utility

- fixed some non translated text strings
- fixed: don't ask for password confirmation for extraction operations
* ask confirmation for archiving and browsing (password set during browsing is used by default for archiving, as in WinRAR/7-Zip); never ask for confirmation if "Show password field" flag is set
- new quick extraction menu and keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0 to extract to same path of last successfull extraction operation
- reorganized info mode for status bar (Ctrl+Alt+2)
- themes modified in order to be released as autonomous packages
* default and no graphic themes are in application's path, custom themes are in configuration path (application's path for portable versions, in user's home/application data for installable versions)
> themes are distributed as compressed packages (supported: 7z, zip and rar)
> custom theme packages can be created by PeaZip
* for further customization: theme file can be edited as plain utf8-text, program's graphic can be edited as bitmap files, theme package is built compressing the theme directory in 7z, zip or rar format using any compression utility
- (update recommended) updated web links to new PeaZip site
- added Mininova as featured search engine

# 126 file extensions supported
- added .sfs and .image