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Scarica Nmap 6.01

Nmap 6.01

Da Gordon Lyon  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

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Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.


- [Zenmap] Fixed a hang that would occur on Mac OS X 10.7. A symptom of the hang was this message in the system console: "Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/Applications/Zenmap.app/Contents/MacOS/../Resources/share/zenmap/pixmaps/radialnet/padlock.png'".
- [Zenmap] Fixed a crash that happened when activating the host filter. File "zenmapCore\SearchResult.pyo", line 155, in match_os KeyError: 'osmatches'
- Fixed an error that occurred when scanning certain addresses like on Windows XP: get_srcaddr: can't connect socket: The requested address is not valid in its context. nexthost: failed to determine route to
- Fixed a bug that caused Nmap to fail to find any network interface when at least one of them is in the monitor mode. The fix was to define the ARP_HRD_IEEE80211_RADIOTAP 802.11 radiotap header identifier in the libdnet-stripped code. Network interfaces that are in this mode are used by radiotap for 802.11 frame injection and reception.
- Fixed the greppable output of hosts that time-out (when --host-timeout was used and the host timed-out after something was received from that host).
- [Zenmap] Updated the version of Python used to build the Windows release from 2.7.1 to 2.7.3 to remove a false-positive security alarm flagged by tools such as Secunia PSI. There was a minor vulnerability in certain Python27.dll web functionality (which Nmap doesn't use anyway) and Secunia was flagging all software which includes that version of Python27.dll. This update should prevent the false alarm.