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* Users often don't realize that iTunes needs to be installed for the iOS device sync to work
* Tagging WAV files already containing id3 chunk leads to tags not readable by Windows 7 Explorer
* Penny Arcade Podcast fails with SSL error
* Play Now feature for directories on a media server
* Sync can crash/stuck when auto-converting ALAC -> MP3
* Wrong windows version detected (skinless mode only)
* Lyrics contain incorrect data
* 'Page Up' is shown as 'Num 9' in Options > Hotkeys
* Trying to play video stream fails
* Large Font slows Lyrics display in Art & Details window
* ALAC: MMW should detect ALAC extension as M4A and play it.
* Lyrics: Tracks with bad Line feed show wrongly in MMW and MMA
* Tracks including % char in device filename can fail to auto-sync
* FLAC: in case of File Properties --> Details missing bitrate Show verbose info
* Auto-Sync: Artwork isn't updated for already synced files
* Device scan should be terminated once the device profile is set to hidden/disabled
* New WMA encoder, used from Win10 build 1607, does not support progress and termination
* WMA and WMV encoding isn't working after Windows 10 Anniversary build 1607 upgrade
* WMA encoding to CBR creates VBR file - regression
* Popups: Sync Devices list popups looks like persistent without timeout
* Maintain DB: Crash with Freeze
* iOS sync cannot be terminated in some cases
* Update year to 2017
* FLAC: Incorrect number of channels and/or bitrate in the File Properties --> Details
* iOS10 sync can fail when there is already 15.000 tracks on the device
* Install: Folder selection is missing in install wizard (Regression)
* Some users are experiencing crash after scan
* iOS10: Lyrics not shown in the Music app
* Crash during FLAC tagging
* Prefer loading iTunes x64 mobile device support (when also 32-bit version exists)
* MMW doesn't update lost artworks during sync
* Tab text color is bold white [Regression in 1818]
* Wi-Fi Sync: Updated Album Art is not synced even track is synced
* Error dialog: Save to Playlist button is too small
* Album Art: Track on Non Connected HDDs can throw error on album art edit
* SSL Connections: We should update to latest OpenSSL libraries
* Burn Wizard: Burn dialog is not scaled correctly
* Video conversion to MKV or MP4 fails, if Haali splitter is installed.
* DLNA: Renderer stop after current track do not work
* Wrong handling of tag in MP4/MOV
* Podcast: Incorrect URL representation in podcasts
* MediaMonkey fails to read iPhone purchases (regression)
* Playlists including apostrophe are deleted by MMA after USB sync
* Possible AV when editing track properties
* Edit Artwork Properties fails for single file Albums
* GUID of playlist is null on delete operation during USB sync
* SQLite parser stack overflow for overcomplex SQL created by complex (nested) auto-playlists
* M4A tags fail to update if ftyp is "dash"
* SQL error when working with Device Profile (overcomplex SQL issues)
* WiFi sync incomplete may appear when an over-complex auto-playlist is on sync-list
* WMA and WMV encoding isn't working after Windows 10 Anniversary build 1607 upgrade
* Grouping and comments fields aren't synced to iPhone/iPod/iPad

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