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# Bug fixes:
- In full screen mode, using shortcut key of “lock Maxthon” would lock.
- Browser in full screen mode.
- When we used boss key in full screen mode, the notification of“click here to quit full screen(F11)”was still existing.
- Importing favorites from IE and Firefox failed.
- Ctrl+G could not open SkyNote.
- Some Websites could be opened.
- Accessed to some https address with special port number, browser could not get correct certificate information.
- Opened a website and switched it into Retro Mode, then this website was still in Ultra Mode when it open in new tab.
- In Windows 10 system, the option of “create shortcut in Quick Launch Bar (in “save as Quick App”in right-click tab menu) did not work well.
- After Snap, can’t paste the snapped images in webpage.
- After selected search suggestions, the related search way would be wrong.

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