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# New functions added in this updated version:
- Can drag window around avatar
- Support pop up window for non-flash videos
- Global mute button
- QA data added when manually import 4.x data
- Can customize webpage zoom scale
- Shortcuts in Infobox changed to "My favorited"
- Favorite bar_ perfect menu function, support display complete Infobox directory
- Favorite bar_ add "replace with current page" function
- Infobox_ add right mouse click and multi selection to organize function
- Infobox_ Add "update site icons" function
- Infobox_ can add notes in root directory
- Infobox_ can choose all folders when switching between folders
- Infobox and favorite bar_ support mixed display between notes and favorites
- Infobox_ add hover to open in list view
- Can choose whether or not to display favorite button in settings-view-customize UI
- Add "clear last session" in clear browsing data
- Can "duplicate tab" by right mouse button
# Functions optimized in this updated version:
- Adjust some details for main UI
- Update English and other languages (fr-fr, es-es, tr-tr)
- Infobox_ optimized interaction for the pinned separate window
- Solved homepage hijacking problem
- Optimized the effectiveness for auto-fill
# Bug fixed:
* Infobox_ cannot organize the sequence of thumbnail
* Infobox_ cannot realize print and print preview for text
* Set auto hide task bar, pin and maximize Infobox, cannot use snapshot function
* Multi search_ search bar in new tab disappears after using multi search
* New tab_ can type in different key words in search bar and address bar
* New tab_ click address bar to withdraw search box to address bar, cannot focus on address bar
* Infobox_ folders withdraw immediately after deleting notes or favorites in favorite bar
* Address bar_ history in address bar cannot remember "paste and open" links
* Favorites and notes imported from guest account do not have thumbnail
* Multi window_ CPU usage does not show when showing status bar in the second window
* Fixed the problem of the new tab button disappearing
* Amazon video cannot play
* Netflix video cannot play
Hulu video cannot play
* Cannot edit for folders with name including A & B

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