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LibreOffice  3.6.0 RC 1

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# Bugs fixed
* Redundant dash lines are drawn across toolbar on SLED 10.
* cross reference to a list number, dot bug
* [PATCH] crash on export of multi line form text fields to .doc
* PIVOTTABLE: DataPilot - Problem with leading zeros
* EDITING report design: lengths & positions shown rounded -> hides information, leads to seemingly unexplainable behaviour
* CRASH when FILEOPEN particular .xls
* Language/User Interface: current choice indicated as default
* UI: Undocked toolbars do not show all icons in special ratio
* Crash when dragging selected column to the left
* Hyphenation problem with Graphite 2
* FILESAVE: Comments disappear
* SIGSEGV: ODBC to PostgreSQL, renaming column in SELECT list
* FILESAVE cannot save file as .ppt
* PIVOTTABLE: refresh -> bad numbers after refresh [regression]
* Copying controls in Basic dialog broken and leads to crash
* PresenterConsole - speaker screen corrupted
* FILEOPEN .xls with matrix {row()} returns error message instead of result
* UI: Buttons reversed in "Conditional formatting More options" dialog
* libreoffice calc standard filter doesn't show criteria after file re-open

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