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Scarica Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Da Emsisoft Ltd  (Trial commerciale)
Valutazione dell'utente

Che cos'è la garanzia di sicurezza FileHippo?


Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.


- Added a new optional password protection to access the software and its features.
- Added custom host rules to Anti-Malware Network submissions to avoid false alerts on blocked hosts.
- Added a new information box that is displayed while alerts are verified with the Anti-Malware Network.
- Added possibility to set a period of time to unlock all password protected features.
- Added tray icon indicator when all features are unlocked.
- E2 engine: Improved ZIP SFX detection.
- E2 engine: Added TIFF file scanning.
- E2 engine: Improved simulation of DLL exports.
- E2 engine: Bugfixes in script detection and behavioral signatures.
- Installation improvements for remote installation via Enterprise console.
- Bug in rootkit scanning on terminal servers fixed.
- Several minor localization problems fixed.
- Bug in internal service communication fixed.
- Changed the style of up/down arrows of controls in autoupdate and scheduled scan settings.
- Bug in adding no longer existing traces to the whitelist fixed.
- Minor crash bugs fixed.
- Outlook 2003 plugin: Problem with automatic email format switching to plaintext on outgoing emails – fixed.
- Wrong behavior on malware removal during system reboot fixed.
- Minor GUI bug on scanned objects with very long file paths fixed.
- Minor issues when switching from Freeware to Full version mode fxed.
- Several minor GUI fixes.
- Commandline Scanner parameter parsing problems fixed.
- Commandline Scanner licensing issue when used on server operating systems fixed.