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Emsisoft Anti-Malware

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Valutazione dell'utente

- New: Environment variables tester in the exclusions screen.
- Improved: Email validation in the false positives submit screen.
- Improved: Administrator mode timeout settings.
- Improved: Minor GUI improvements.
- Improved: Protection paused indicator on the Overview screen.
- Improved: CPU load during update process.
- Improved: Behavior Blocker: correct processing of exclusions for apps that are started after an exclusion was added.
- Improved: Quarantine Re-scan procedure.
- Improved: Path used by the update process moved to \ProgramData\Emsisoft\updates
- Improved: Pre-installation check for Kaspersky and AVG Antivirus/Internet Security due to program incompatibilities
- Fixed: Firewall application rules processing for files that are not accessible at boot time (encrypted drives) in Emsisoft Internet Security.
- Fixed: Memory leak in Emsisoft Internet Security.
- Fixed: Occasional ‘Internal processing error’ issue during update.
- Fixed: Update log parsing issue.
- Fixed: Main screen out of position.
- Fixed: Occasional issue where File Guard did not start after a program restart.

Che cos'è la garanzia di sicurezza FileHippo?


Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.