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Scarica Beyond Compare 3.3.7

Beyond Compare 3.3.7

Da Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)
Valutazione dell'utente

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# Notable Changes
* Linux: Added support for XDG Base Directory Specification, v0.7: Settings are now stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bcompare or ~/.config/bcompare.~/.beyondcompare is still used if it already exists.
* Data Compare
- Fixed "Treat surrounding whitespace as part of delimiter" checking for non-delimiting space or tab characters.
- Fixed "Details resize columns to fit" option preventing columns from being hidden in details.
* File Formats
- Added *.dot, *.dotx, and *.dotm to the "MS Word Documents" format.
* File Views
- Fixed selection drawing in the center spacer when the right side is selected.
* Folder Compare
- Added support for showing progress on the Windows Vista/7 taskbar button.
* Folder Sync
- Added Windows Vista/7 taskbar progress reporting.
* Linux
- Added support for XDG Base Directory Specification, v0.7: Settings are now stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bcompare or ~/.config/bcompare. ~/.beyond compare is still used if it already exists.
- Fixed crash when dragging non-existant network paths onto a comparison window.
- Fixed crash when pressing [Enter] on the Home view when there aren't any auto-saved sessions.
- Removed numbers outputting to stdout on startup.
- Fixed error handling so a message is shown if startup is terminated during initialization.
* Misc
- Fixed 64-bit Explorer extension crash when launched from Altrap Salamander.
- Possible fix for excessive caching in the "Check for Updates" dialog.
* Options
- Improved message when Explorer extension is disabled for portable installs.
* Scripting
- Added support for explicitly loading a session at the base level by prefixing its name with ".\".
- Fixed crash when using STATS-DESCRIPTIVE option for FILE-REPORT.
* Text Views
- Updated PDF text extraction (PdfToText 3.02 -> 3.03).