Scarica Avant Browser 2011 Build 16

Avant Browser  2011 B 16

Da Avant Force  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

* [Add]Compability with IE9,faster than Chrome with IE9
* [Add]Built-in Downloader
* [Add]Download FLV video files
* [Add]New browser:home and Speed Dial page
* [Add]Split View feature
* [Add]Detach tabs to seperate windows
* [Add]Fixed Tab Width feature in the non-split view
* [Add]windows 7's Taskbar Thumbnails Preview
* [Add]New transparent interface compatible with windows Aero
* [Add]New Auto-Complete list for address-bar
* [Add]Customizable Profile Folder Location
* [Add]Built-in Online/Local picture browser
* [Add]Option to Avant Browser Options:"Open all links in this folder" for autofill
* [Add]Option to show or hide 100% icon in "Customize Buttons..."
* [Add]Option to disable/enable Online Storage button
* [Add]The button to set browser:home as the home page
* [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Show tab thumbnail preview for task bar button if supported
* [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Show Tab Title on Task Bar Button in Compact View
* [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Enable Download Video(s)
* [Add]Tabs mouse gesture:Duplicate
* [Improve]Memory releasing stragety
* [Fix]logmein unusable in Avant Browser 2010
* [Fix]Input application is screened by the search/address bar drop-download list.
* [Fix]Toolbar moved itself after switching back from Full Desktop.
* [Fix]AD Blocker screened images.
* [Fix]Not showing Javascript error in IFrame
* [Fix]The display problem in Avant Browser options

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