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Scarica AIMP 2.50

AIMP 2.50

Da AIMP  (Freeware)
Valutazione dell'utente

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+ Switched on BASS v2.4
+ New module for plug-ins management
+ New capabilities for Addon-plugin
+ Add custom frames to options
+ Capability to work with "save / load" functions for playlists
+ Improvements for working with playlists
+ New HotKey Manager
+ Capability for all functions to set both global and local keys
+ New DSP-engine
+ Added logarithmic volume control
+ Added filter for normalization of sound
+ Added filter for reverse audio channels (for stereo only)
+ Added filter for voice removal
+ Added filter for passes silence when song playing
+ Added Stereo Enhancer filter (for stereo only)
+ Interaction with Winamp DSP / Input improved
+ SkinsEngine updated
+ The capability to create clones of buttons / flags / scrollbars
+ Added capability to centre alignment for objects
+ Added capability to set alignment in the Labels
+ Code optimization
+ The scheme of user's preferences storing is improved
+ Single-user mode: "AIMP2 \ Data \ Profile \"
+ Multiplayer mode: "Application Data \ AIMP \"

Audio Library
+ Engine switshed to SQLite3
+ Quick search for items in the groups-tree
+ Capability to change the order of table columns
+ Files add to the library by simply drag-n-drop
+ A new menu for database service
+ An interface of library updated
+ Quick navigation panel
+ FLAC / APE / AAC / MPC support
+ Expanded integration with player
+ The integration of the Player to the Library window
+ Rating displaying in the playlist
+ Control panel for playback
+ Relative paths saving for files from removable media

+ Capability to Autosave playlist at the address where it opened (kept in profile folder previously)
+ Capability to use conditional operator in a string templates
+ Capability to add folders series to playlist by Open dialog
+ Capability to cut the file from one playlist to another (when moving with Alt button down)
+ Code optimization
+ Support of m3u8 playlists
+ When you add folder to an empty playlist it name became as the name of a folder
+ Bookmarks scrolling by mouse wheel in playlist
+ Load / save playlist's operations accelerated
+ Auto-sorting playlists in the window "Playlist Customization"

+ Capability to set a conversion table for non-Unicode strings
+ Added CD-Text support
+ Added LastFM plugin for work with LastFM service
+ Further development of the "copy to folder" function - list of "recent folders" added
+ Right-click on a traveling line to open the Quick Tag Editor
+ Stop button flashing when you set "stop after current track" option
+ Support of MMS protocol
+ Options for MIDI / MOD files playback
+ Display the real names of tracks instead of "next / previous file" on navigation buttons
+ Playback status displaying in the tip of tray icon
+ Quick Tag Editor updated
+ Capability to edit path of the file
+ Copy data to clipboard button
+ Copy file to clipboard button
+ Autofill tags based on name / path of file
+ New design
+ Bookmarks Manager updated
+ Settings for display mode
+ Advanced search
+ Capability to search for a job Playlist File
+ Playlist Manager calls from Advanced search window
+ Displaying the file number in the playlist
+ CUE-Sheets module redesigned (track switching from the context menu of the current playback position)
+ Options window ergonomic increased
+ Transparency settings are improved for main windows
+ Playlist saving on player close

Audio Converter
+ Converter's engine redesigned
+ Swithed to command-line encoders
+ Interface changed
+ Added encoders FLAC, AAC, MPC / MP +

Advanced Tag Editor
+ Capability to set cover for several files
+ Capability to tags removing from multiple files
+ Added Autofill tags function based on name / path of file
+ Genres sorted alphabetically
+ Code optimization
+ Red highlighting with the group rename files, which could not be renamed
+ Interface changed