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AIMP 3.60.1470

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Da AIMP  (Freeware)

* Fixed: Common - CUE parser does not understand commands in lower case
* Fixed: Common - player does not determine audio tracks in the CD-Extra disk if playback has been started from autorun menu
* Fixed: Common - interface hangs at some time when closing the Option Dialog with active "Skins" sheet
* Fixed: Audio Converter - an error occurs when trying to export to MP3 format with following settings: Stereo, VBR.
* Fixed: Sound Engine - playback position calculates incorrectly for set
* Fixed: Playlist - the "Default.aimppl" file is moved to the Recycle bin after each close of the application, if the "save default playlist" option is switched off
* Fixed: Tag Editor - auto completion does not work for the "Genre" field
* Fixed: Tag Editor - an ability of removing / applying changes to the selected tag types does not work
* Fixed: Skin Engine - an error in playlist that leads to hide the element
* Fixed: Skin Engine - position of main window is changed when restore it from mini-player if task bar is placed at top edge of screen
* Fixed: Audio Library - playback in the audio library does not affects to the playback statistics
* Fixed: Audio Library - files cannot be added to the DB via drag-n-drop operation in some cases
* Fixed: Plugins - - some tracks scrobbles two or more times
* Small bugs and defects were fixed