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WinPatrol 33.1.2015.0

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Journal des changements

- Improved History processing now includes history of any items restored. For example, when a file is removed from the Startup tab it displays “START_Remove”. If the file is restored, an entry is added “START_Restored” to give confirmation and so you can track what has been done.
- Fixed bug in History Restore functionality that cause restore to fail on many occasions.
- Improved automatic clean-up and removal of files no longer on your computer from the WinPatrol database.
- Updated alert processing to help eliminate repeat alerts.
- Added code so that users of BitDefender 2015 should be able to use AutoPilot without receiving repeated alerts.
- Fixed upgrade bug that results in two versions of WinPatrol running for some customers.
- Added “First Detected” column to the Delayed Start Tab.
- Added “Status” column to the Startup Programs Tab. Currently we do not recognize when 64-bit programs are running, we will have a full 64-bit version of WinPatrol available later this year.
- Program description now displays in WinPatrol Explorer footer when highlighting a program.
- Fixed sorting on date columns.
- Fixed a bug Registry Monitoring that resulted in some keys not being monitored as they should have been.
- Added note to Cookies tab that recommends closing any open browsers prior to editing cookies. We also added improved processing to handle if a browser is open so that you do not lose your changes. But we still recommend closing a browser before editing it’s associated cookies because the major browsers all keep a cache of their cookies and will automatically restore anything they have not themselves removed.