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The Bat!  7.2

Par RITLABS  (Essai commercial)
Note des utilisateurs

# Added :
- A warning dialog is now displayed when a second copy of the program is running
- Email body in XHTML format is now displayed
- Option to "Save HTML with default font" (see "Options\Preferences\Viewer/Editor\Editor Preferences")
- Content-Type: text/calendar is now associated with vCalendar
- If Internet Explorer 8 is available, the layout engine is calculating document pixels as 96 dpi
- A warning is displayed if images used in templates were moved or renamed
# Improved/changed feature
- The internal messages queue has been redesigned resulting in significant speed improvements when receiving a large number of small messages via very fast connection to a POP3 or EWS server, the user interface became much more responsive
- The creation time of a message is displayed in case a message’s receipt time is much earlier than its creation time
- X-Priority header line is only included into the new messages with low and high priority. For normal-priority messages, this header line is no longer used, thus the "X-Priority: 3 (Normal)" will not be specified from now on
- Faster mail retrieval in large MAPI accounts
- (0000817) Selection moves to the top of the list after deleting a contact in the address book
- EWS: reduced memory usage
# Bug fixed:
- Example email address in the default address book has been changed from to
- Cannot pin the Mail Ticker on secondary monitor positioned vertically
- Not enough space for "Input OpenPGP key pass phrase" and "Please input the master password"
- The window when compacting a folder had no title
- (TID#61350) Out of memory or Access Violation error message when opening a corrupted folder file has been fixed
- Quick templates inserted in HTML mode were losing hyperlinks formatting
- Domain for punycode was case sensitive
- An extra line appeared while inserting HTML quick templates in the plain text editor
- Hyperlinks were not created in the HTML editor while inserting plain text quick templates with hyperlinks
- Extra blanks were applied to standard signature template
- Fixes in message body tags while generating HTML messages
- Font size of non-hypertext fragments of inserted plain text quick template is now the same as default settings
- The issue with the flickering black message editor window on Windows XP has been eliminated
- Font size was not applied to hyperlinks in the templates signature
- Replies were losing multiple levels of quotes
- A workaround for bad implementations of the Authority Key Identifier decoding, which finally turned out to negatively affect proper implementations - some parent certificates couldn't be found, has been removed
- EWS: cannot send email with large attachments when using on-the-fly message base encryption
- EWS: messages could not be moved or deleted while using the on-the-fly message base encryption
- EWS: received messages had wrong creation date - Jan 1, 1980
- A part of Facebook notification messages was displayed two times
- Access violation error when editing several contacts in the address book at once
- "Select the Account" window appears behind the web-browser
- Exceptions.log contains NULL bytes
- Tags are not displayed on the header pane
- Tags in Cyrillic turn into garbage and get multiplied
- An issue with extra double apostrophes in the names of senders/recipients has been eliminated
- When account password was empty, sometimes the password dialog stayed in the background and was invisible
- In case an HTML template contained a table, it was impossible to place the cursor to the required field
- An Access Violation error message which appeared while trying to edit an HTML template with a table has been fixed
- An Access Violation on address search termination in the address book has been fixed
- RSS feed Links containing Cyrillic characters were displayed incorrectly
- Images with Cyrillic in file names inserted into HTML do not disappear anymore
- Invalid pointer operation error message caused by the spell checker locking the clipboard
- No more freezes when scrolling large RSS documents on the Entire text tab
- Files attached to messages get multiplied
- Some RSS feeds displayed wrong creation date
- When forwarding mail with external graphics links, the links are not carried into the email
- Fixed an access violation when moving between IMAP folders
- Short strings in the "Options\Preferences\...\" window in Russian
- Truncated text in folder maintenance start window
- Passphrase dialog has not enough size and can’t be resized
- Reply to HTML mail has no quotes
- The Bat! could not display transparent 8-Bit PNG files
- 8bit PNG pictures (indexed color table, with transparency) always showed black background
- Images are not displayed if The Bat! HTML Viewer is used
- Image Viewer is very slow on large images, consumes lot of CPU
- Some inline GIF files were truncated
- Certain HTML messages were not rendered correctly when using the internal HTML viewer
- Certain PNG (indexed palette) pictures were displayed black
- HTML Links were not clickable
- Hyperlinks in the HTML Editor opened wrong web-pages
- Formatting of the quick templates was lost if inserted in HTML messages
- While forwarding multiple messages the respective Forward-templates were not used
- Images are compressed horizontally when replying or forwarding the email
- It's not possible to save changes in the "Insert Hyperlink" window
- Some fixes of the Unicode password handling in the GUI

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