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Télécharger SeaMonkey 2.19 Beta 1

SeaMonkey 2.19 Beta 1

Par Mozilla Organization  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

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Nous savons à quel point il est important de rester en sécurité en ligne, c'est pourquoi FileHippo utilise une technologie de balayage antivirus fournie par Avira pour aider à garantir la sécurité de l'ensemble des téléchargements sur FileHippo. Le programme que vous êtes sur le point de télécharger sur votre appareil est sûr.


# Features
* Mark -> As Read now checks the state of all selected messages instead of only the first one's.
* Notifications for mixed content blocker have been implemented.
* A new 3rd-party cookie restriction to visited websites option has been added to the Cookies pref pane.
* The context menu Search option is now available for textareas and input fields.
* Website storage mechanisms are now available in the Data Manager (localStorage, indexedDB, etc.).
* "Open Containing Folder" is now already available during download.
# Fixes
* The new mail alert has been disabled for now due to issues on Mac.
* The Geolocation prompt does not offer an action in Private Browsing mode anymore if the action remembers permission for more than a session.
* A slightly less useless access key has been chosen for the new Error Console Filter textbox label.
* Mixed content blocker preferences are now handled by Sync.
* LDAP passwords were requested for each lookup even if they were saved.
* Get New Messages for All Accounts has been fixed.
* The "File" button in the "Search messages" window has been renamed to "Move".
* The entries in the "Trust junk mail headers set by" menu list are now sorted.
* The check for the allowed mail storage directory has been made more universal and accessible to extensions.
* A wrong message and reason was reported with untrusted CA roots when signing email.
* The IMAP-specific "Empty trash" confirmation dialog has been removed and the mailnews.*.dontAskAgain and mail.*.dontAskAgain prefs been merged.
* Help now explains what happens when Safe Browsing blocks a website.
* Email addresses with trailing whitespace could be displayed wrongly when composing and cause lost mails and malformed duplicate address book entries.
* Switching the account during message composing did not apply the signing prefs from the new account.
* The Help Glossary has been extended with new Privacy & Security terms.
* Growl support has been removed again.
* Safe Browsing debug has been turned off and Sync support turned on.
* The Bookmarks Toolbar was not populated with items if the grippy was collapsed when the browser window was opened.
* Special mail folder icons were not shown for IMAP shared folders.
* Null bytes are now stripped from document titles when setting the window title in order to prevent Private Browsing spoofing.
* Invalid message ContentType values are handled better now.
* A tutorial section on User Tracking has been added to Help.
* The Customize Headers window prompted twice.
* ReplyTo has been added to the default IMAP headers in order to fix Reply with Template behavior.
* The offline folder flag will no longer be set for SPAM and TRASH folders.
* Help now includes documentation for the Offline Applications pref pane.
* The main Privacy & Security pref pane is now documented and features a Help button.
* The access key for "Perform these actions" now sets/moves focus to first action item in the Filter editor.
* Clear Private Data (preferences and menu) documentation has been added to Help.
* An "Error parsing template: expected <content> to be first" message could appear when opening the virtual folder list dialog.
* The umask for emails saved as a file were not respecting the system umask.