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Télécharger Password Safe 3.14

Password Safe 3.14

Par Rony Shapiro  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

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Nous savons à quel point il est important de rester en sécurité en ligne, c'est pourquoi FileHippo utilise une technologie de balayage antivirus fournie par Avira pour aider à garantir la sécurité de l'ensemble des téléchargements sur FileHippo. Le programme que vous êtes sur le point de télécharger sur votre appareil est sûr.


Password Safe 3.14 Release Notes - August 2008

This note describe the new features, fixed bugs and known problems
with the latest versions of Password Safe. For a short description of
Password Safe, please see the accompanying README.txt file. For more
information on the product and the project, please visit
http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net. Details about changes to older
releases may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

Bugs fixed in 3.14
[2071489] off-by-one bug in range for generated passwords fixed.
[1978486] The R/W status of a database is unchanged if it is already
open and the user cancels an open file action.
[1978475] Clear clipboard options are no longer interchanged.
[1970652] No longer crashes when user exits search for non-existant
[1966718] Text in 'Notes" now has horizontal scroll bar during Add.
[1959193] PWS now honors the read-only command line parameter (-r)
for first file open. Afterwards, the behavior is determined by the R/O
open preference or user selecting read-only at open time.
[1954268] Aliases and shortcuts now processed correctly during merge.
[1933174, 2015132] Reports from Import (Text or XML), Compare, Merge
and Find are no longer written to disk by default.
[] Expired icon now correct after password change.
[] Current tree state is now updated correctly upon exit (Thanks to
[] Correct display of tree items on restore from minimize.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.14
[1958303] TreeView buttons (+/-) now larger without significantly
increasing the visible bitmap image. Also, now transparent.
[] Drop down list of databases at start-up now retains order of usage
rather than sorted alphabetically.
[] A new Double-click action has been added: Copy password to
clipboard and then minimize. Thanks to Garrett for his work on this.

New Features for 3.14
[2004500] CTRL-A now selects all of the Notes field in Add & Edit.
[1817880, 2018365] Option to allow restricting only a single instance per user.
If set and another copy of PasswordSafe started, focus is given to the
existing instance.
[] The entries displayed can now be filtered based on rules on every
field in the database.
[] Add Dragbar and also allow D&D from Tree onto a text field to drop the
entry's password value.
[] During initial open, tooltips in the drop down list box will display
the full database names and paths.