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Télécharger Password Safe 3.13

Password Safe 3.13

Par Rony Shapiro  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

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Password Safe 3.13 Release Notes - May 2008

This note describe the new features, fixed bugs and known problems
with the latest versions of Password Safe. For a short description of
Password Safe, please see the accompanying README.txt file. For more
information on the product and the project, please visit
http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net. Details about changes to older
releases may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

Bugs fixed in 3.13
[1941360] Rename with F2 now enables Save button.
[1940311] Password Policy now ignores length requirements if not applicable.
[1938057] Non-Latin text now correctly exported to plain text file.
[1926678, 1937293,1939294] Reduce GDI object leaks that cause display problems
during hibernation, screen locking and remote access.
[1914433] It is now possible to view the password policy set for an
individual entry, by shift-clicking on the checked Override Policy
checkbox. A tooltip explaining this is shown when relevant.
[1904391] Many functions, e.g., cancelling a rename of an entry,
inter-instance Drag & Drop, no longer collapse the entire tree.
[1904254] Non-text fields (e.g., time) are not shown in Advanced
Search, as they are not searched.
[1900655] Compare advanced subset now applies to current and comparison
[1899876] Fixed title/user problem when opening v1.7 databases.
[1598836] Correct treeview now displayed after restore from timeout lock.
[1478022] Correct description of this fix in the Release Notes to avoid
user confusion thinking it does something different.
[] Ensure first entry is selected when opening an existing database.
[] XML export of password history fixed for when number to be saved > 99.
[] Fix incorrect lock file handling during SaveAs.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.13
[] Improved compare database reporting.
[] Copying an empty field to the clipboard now emptied the clipboard
(previously, no action was performed).

New Features for 3.13
[1914644] Password expiry can now be set as an (optionally repeating)
interval. This is indicated in the List view by an asterisk after the
expiry date.
[1904254] Find now searches all text fields by default.
[1901380] Find result highlighted and selected.
[1901380] If the Esc key is not being used to minimize PasswordSafe, then
it will close the Find Toolbar.
[1901380] F3 (Repeat Find) works even if the Find Toolbar has been closed.
[1887159] PasswordSafe may be configured to open databases 'Read-only' by
default. This can still be overriden during open if the file itself
is not read-only.
[1664535] Interpret "Remember 0 last databases" on the System Options as
"do not store any opened database".
[1399569, 912188] Separate the clear clipboard options on minimize and exit.
[1207606] Notes may optionally be shown as tooltips.
[988806] The Status Bar now provides Feedback on double click actions.
[] Alt+F4, in addition to Ctrl+Q, now closes the application.
[] Allow user to Hide/Show main toolbar.
[] Ability to create/view a report of the previous Find request.