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Télécharger MeGUI 1.0.2715

MeGUI 1.0.2715

Par MeGUI  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

Qu'est-ce que la garantie de sûreté FileHippo ?


Nous savons à quel point il est important de rester en sécurité en ligne, c'est pourquoi FileHippo utilise une technologie de balayage antivirus fournie par Avira pour aider à garantir la sécurité de l'ensemble des téléchargements sur FileHippo. Le programme que vous êtes sur le point de télécharger sur votre appareil est sûr.


[AudioEncoder] default to LWLibavAudioSource()/LSMASHAudioSource().
[AviSynth] replaced Yadif by Yadifmod2.
[FileIndexer] added title selector for DVD sources incl. multi-angle support.
[Update] improved updater to download appropriate architecture packages (can be deselected in the options).
[VobSubber] The VobSubber has been enhanced - to support demux of forced subtitles.
To select if the subtitles should be extracted to multiple files.
With improved speed as the source will only be indexed once for multiple tracks.
To detect DVD sources incl. multi-angle suppor [x265 Encoder] x265 is now always enabled.
[AudioEncoder] added downmix option to 5.1.
[FileIndexer] added IFO as supported input file type.
[Haali Media Splitter] if the Haali Media Splitter is needed by the HD Streams Extractor it will be installed (administrative permissions are required).
[HD Streams Extractor] Unknown or not supported tracks cannot be selected.
[OneClick] added MPLS as supported input files.
[Title Selector] improved DVD/Blu-ray support & added option to change the minimum title length also in the global settings.
[Various] where appropriate for DVD/Blu-ray sources a prefix and suffix is attached to the output file name.