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Note des utilisateurs

* Some MMS:// video streams do not play
* MediaServer: Some Components are still blocked by firewall
* Users are reporting that iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) fails to sync in 4.1.9
* WiFi sync: Auto-converted tracks are needlessly re-downloaded (after adding the ALAC plugin)
* Possible "'A' is not a valid integer value" exception in Album Art views
* Scanned folders shouldn't be deleted
* Show error message when MTP is frozen
* Display error message when MTP failure would result in a duplicate profile
* Sync error messages should be localized
* USB sync: Auto-converted tracks are re-uploaded only on "converted" state change (not on target format change)
* Add [Help] button to the sync summary dialog
* In some enviroments the version checking is performed on each MM start (instead of once per week)
* Device removal: MMW can crash on USB cable disconnect
* Wi-Fi sync: some files sync with year as 1/1/xxxx
* MediaMonkey or its service can crash on closing
* Hama DIR3000 as renderer fails to show song info when date is in year format only
* MMW client occasionally plays few seconds of track before skipping to next
* Sync is broken on some iOS6 and iOS7 devices (regression in 4.1.12)
* Using "Auto-organize files" on device files (iOS9) results in freeze
* MediaMonkey fails to sync replay gain to iPod Shuffle 4G
* iPhone: Volume level lost during sync for FLAC -> M4A auto-converted files in some cases
* RIP: Blue-screen-of-death when Secure Ripping audio CDs to flac
* Auto Convert: Apple devices lossless conversion profile
* Sync: Windows 10 Phones do not sync Playlists
* USB: Synchronization reports not enough space
* Small incompatibility re duplicate tracks handling between USB and WiFi sync
* MediaMonkey server is not browseable by some Samsung models
* Certain android devices aren't recognized over MTP but are by WMP
* Podcast Handling: ITMSS iTunes podcast link handling
* iOS 8.3+ device reboots unexpectedly during long sync tasks (more than 5000 songs)
* Change the way how MMW process path in MMA DB
* Podcasts: Download fails if feed has space before Episode URL
* WMDM: Removable Storages with Long file paths >260 characters can crash/freeze MMW
* Some ALAC files have incorrectly detected format
* Include ALAC support within MMW
* Max audio bitrate not persistent for supported format configuration
* Duplicate profiles can occur due to deletion of storageInfo.xml
* Failed Codec install still shows in Extensions
* Artwork lookup no longer works
* Devices: Available devices for sync not shown in Toolbar Send to
* Scanned external HDDs in MMW should be excluded from Portable devices list
* Win 8: CPU utilization goes to 70-80% when external USB drive connected
* Media server: when device client is removed from devices list then access dialog is not re-shown
* Muzyka instrumentalna - Radio Chrzescijanin shoutcast stream fails to play (Windows 10)
* Tracks from Wi-Fi synced 'Random' playlists aren't deleted by USB sync (for write-limited KitKat devices)
* Tribulation Now Podcast fails to download episodes
* Disk can get out of space in some specific cases
* Library re-scan can produce double Podcasts entries in some cases

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