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* Properties/Auto-Tools - Get Info/Buy: Providers do not have correct Icons
* Burning / Disc Handling - Wi-Fi sync: terminates prior to completion
* Synchronization - d_USBMass1.dll: is outdated
* Install/Config - First section in MediaMonkey.ini is duplicated by installer
* Synchronization - Multi-select allows editing in Properties for iOS device
* Main Panel - Multi-select allows editing in Properties for iOS device
* Framework: Scripts/Extensions - Extensions: Find Updates improvements
* Synchronization - Playlists are not synced to devices without drive letter (regression in build 1728)
* Main Panel - Ctr+Alt+Del is not disabled in Party mode (Windows 7+)
* DLNA/UPnP - UPnP Search returns partial results
* Synchronization - No feedback to user that temp drive has insufficient free space
* DLNA/UPnP - Track skips on seek when playing to Denon X 4000
* Synchronization - iTunes 12.1 update on 64-bit OS results in Apple device no longer being recognized
* Podcasts - Podcast download crashes MediaMonkey
* Codec - MP3Tags: Incorrect Tags crashes MMW
* Synchronization - Omit drive letter from playlists on sync
* DLNA/UPnP - Keep PC awake during USB sync
* Other - Update year to 2015
* Framework: Scripts/Extensions -Issue with SDB.Device.HandledDeviceList
* Other - Locate Moved/Missing: Full filename and path larger than 260 chars can result in MMW crash
* Other - WEB tree Node: eMusic Offer link is expired
* DLNA/UPnP - DLNA: Local access from same PC should be automatically granted
* Codec - M4P: Optimize Detection of DRM protected tracks
* Synchronization - Sync of Playlist with stream URLs has sync fail
* Synchronization - MediaMonkey crashes when Wifi sync contains unreachable CDA track
* Other - WEB tree Node: AllMusic.com number of incorrect downloads
* Properties/Auto-Tools - MP4 Tagging: MMW correctly Saves Tags but on Re-add to library misses Episode Number
* Playlist / Search - Editing old Auto-Playlists (created by MM 2.5) can throw an exception
* Synchronization - Adjust default supported video profiles for iPhone 5
* DLNA/UPnP - MediaMonkey (client) doesn't see ReplayGain tags over DLNA/UPnP
* Burning / Disc Handling - Synchronization of video files fails in some cases (regression)
* Framework: Tagging - ID3: In case that one of tags are too long MMW gets unresponsive
* Synchronization - Auto-conversion fails for OGGs in some cases
* Synchronization - Optimize USB sync with Androids
* Synchronization - Playlist analyze and changes update takes too long
* Synchronization - Sync Apple devices: Delete all content do not work
* DLNA/UPnP - MediaMonkey doesn't see changed IP on known UPnP client
* Synchronization - iPhone content not read when iTunesCDB is larger than 4194304 bytes
* Framework: Scripts/Extensions - Codec pack is indicated as installed, even after installation error.
* Synchronization - Two distinct SD cards are recognized as same device profile
* Synchronization - Unexpected "The operation has been completed successfully" error message
* Synchronization - Sync: Various Regressions USB Sync
* Burning / Disc Handling - USB Sync to external SD Card fails to update database (regression)