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Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

Par Maxthon International Ltd  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

# Additions

* User Interface
- added avatar, and new interface under windowsXP
- added icons to menu items
* Main Framework
- added auto complete to Smart Address Bar
* Favorites Manager
- new Favorites Manager
* Webkit Core
- added support for HTML 5 video
- added support for HTML 5 openDatabase

# Improvements

* Webkit Core
- context menu "save picture as..." obtains image from cache if available
* Main Framework
- improved Smart Address Bar dropdown list tooltips display
- Smart Address Bar dropdown list shows when down arrow is pressed
* Popup Blocker
- improved blocking of popups opened by plugins, eg Flash
* Magic Fill
- Maxthon Passport password is required to view password of saved form
- can save more forms

# Bug Fixes

* Webkit Core
- improved webpage compatibility and reduced encoding problems
- fixed crash problem refreshing Quick Access thumbnail
- fixed crash problem installing plugins
- fixed crash problem running certain HTML5 contents
- improved Mouse Gestures recognition
- fixed Favorites Bar and Favorites Manager not in sync problem
- fixed problem downloading Gmail attachments with unicode file names
- fixed erroneous blocking of requested links in Flash
- fixed problem that some online music continue to play after closing browser
- fixed problem closing https authenication dialog
- removed scroll bar in the popup descriptions of when not necessary
- fixed password input problem of a plugin
- improved login to Alipay payment platform
* Main Framework
- fixed Favorites menu tooltips position problem
- fixed possible crash problem caused by Smart Address Bar dropdown list
- fixed problem that Smart Address Bar may not response if URL contains special characters
* Downloader
- fixed some document name encoding problems

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