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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Par Maxthon International Ltd  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

# New functions added in this updated version:
* Support to import mx4.x quick access local data
* Add proxy setting on sign in page
* Remember auto sign-in status on sign in page
* Add more language options: bg-bg fa-ir nb-no pt-pt vec-it
* Infobox: tool bar-menu-list view added
* Infobox: add right click on URL to open/copy website function
# Functions optimized in this updated version:
* Changed the download link in QR sign in page
* Improved some over-length languages in night mode setting page
* Visual optimization for Infobox
# Bug fixed:
* Several occasional crashes
* Upload pictures on Facebook
* Tab bar: lock tab
* Status bar: split screen button disappears
* Tab: close tabs continuously, abnormity appears
* Sign in: use special format email sign in, prompt email format error
* Fixed some minority languages problem
* Passkeeper: fix URL for 126 website
* Passkeeper: some display abnormity in password generator
* Passkeeper: in compatible mode, no saved indication pop up
* Passkeeper: some bugs on languages
* Video pop-up: close tab after popping up video, video been closed as well
* Settings: some misdirection on locations
* Infobox: optimized “pin to shortcut bar” function
* Infobox: unreadable code in URL
* Infobox: ALT+A to open shortcut folder showing error
* Sign in with mobile number, error appears with mobile information after logging out

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