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Visual improvements:
Unified the whole UI.
Visual effect optimized in sidebar under high DPI.
Display & hide option for tools on status bar relocated to settings>view>status bar.
Functions optimized:
Separate “search box”.
Support third party download tool IDM.
Sign in process optimized from MX4 to MX5 the first time.
Support partially importing user data.
Support choosing folder to import to Maxnote.
Display & hide options optimized for icons in toolbar and sidebar.
Maxnote entrance added in sidebar.
Smart address bar can detect favorited sites.
Passkeeper_add general identity function.
Optimized Settings-Tools & Addons category.
Optimized Settings-Privacy & Content-Auto Sync.
Optimized right click tab bar-send to desktop.
Optimized resource sniffer download functions for YouTube.
Bug fixed:
Toolbar interactive issue.
Maxnote sidebar interactive and auto syncing issue.
Skin_issues caused by dark skin.
Win10 default browser issue.
Win10 opening HTML file issue.
Global mute_function error under multi pages.
Guest mode_Passkeeper general identity lock error.
Favorite bar_icon displaying issue.
Some English & Turkish language issues.
Maxnote_sequence in reverse when moved to another folder.
Google search results show cannot be fully displayed.
Reader mode unavailable for some site.
YouTube video display issue under full-screen retro mode .