Télécharger Macrium Reflect 6.3.1665

Macrium Reflect  6.3.1665

Par Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Logiciel gratuit non-commercial)
Note des utilisateurs

# Windows PE 10 Build 1607
- Windows PE 10 has been updated for build 1607 and includes BitLocker XTS support. To update an existing installation, click through to the final rescue media Wizard page and click 'Rebuild'. If your system contains any partition encrypted using BitLocker XTS then the appropriate PE components will be automatically downloaded and PE 10 updated to 1607.
# Windows PE network adaptors IP address configuration
- When performing an automatic restore using the Macrium recovery boot menu, any existing static IPv4 configurations are now copied to the same Network adaptors in Windows PE.
# Bug Fixes
* Sever Plus Exchange 2016 Mailbox restore target incorrect: Granular restore for Exchange 2016 would restore to the Exchange logged-on user rather than the original user for the mailbox items. This has been resolved.
* VBScript and PowerShell scheduled task 'Conflict' logic not working correctly: Scheduled backups using script files could incorrectly be flagged as causing a 'conflict' and not run when tasks executions were programmatically determined in the source code. This has been resolved.

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