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LibreOffice 3.5.1 RC 1

Par LibreOffice.org  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

# Core
* tentative workaround for autosave image loss
* accept an arbitrary query for INSERT
* accessibility does not work on WNT
* accessibleTreeNode: fix headless crash
* add test case for old password algorithm, related
* always use the *real* visibility of the SwScrollbar
* an empty table grid can't have implicit merges
* cleaning up the tabs too early can cause loops
* convert bound values to bound column's type
* copy settings for RTL with sheets
* country code 'IN' is not in use for these locales
* declare support for Core SQL -> Base allows user aggregate functions
* default conversion of sequences is now again SAFEARRAY of VARIANTs
* differentiate numeric and non-numeric field member values.
* don't add empty categories
* don't delete thread while it is still running
* don't use empty pages fo computing the page break position
* donot set duplicate master slide names.
* ensure formula cell's pCode isn't NULL even when compilation fails.
* fix - Alien save dialog buttons run off the edge
* fix - accessing empty polygon.
* fix - avoid linked undo for the while.
* fix - disable cairocanvas on Mac.
* fix Don't paint a frame around the list of edit boxes.
* fix Query Wizard by putting the right ElementName
* fix RTF export of picture frame shape type
* fix RTF export table output for subtables
* fix RTF import of PNG images with bogus width/height
* fix RTF import of page break symbol
* fix RTF import of page breaks right before text frames
* fix RTF import of space-before/after tokens
* fix RTF import of text frames with exact height
* fix anchor handling in SwXText::convertToTextFrame()
* fix crash in XML Form Document.
* fix crash in smartart import
* fix crash when loading an invalid .fodt.
* fix crash when parsing XML signatures
* fix frame duplication:
* fix hilariously stupid stack guards:
* fix layout of checkboxes on Extension Manager dialog
* fix path of shell extension dll in registry
* fix problem with vba Range.Copy ( for multirange )
* fix support for embedded images for basic Dialogs ( )
* fix yet more layout crashes in ~SwRootFrm:
* fixed docx textbox borders style and width import
* fixed docx textbox position and size import
* force imported xlsx active tab to be shown
* fox context sensitive help for Word Count dialog
* getTablePrivileges: rely on information_schema
* handle imported picture attribute from MSO Dialog ( )
* header/Footer, Page Break: don't show them in RO mode
* hidden radio button should also gets unset
* hide all the page breaks of the pages before the first visible one
* improving layout of Confirm File Format dialog
* keep cells with broadcasters alive during deletion.
* make ctrl-shift-f2 change focus to the inputline
* more robust references merging
* nULL is a perfectly fine general_value
* ODF export: fix draw:fit-to-size
* ODF export: frames: invalid "min-width"
* officecfg: turn off SaveBackwardCompatibleODF
* prevent duplication of frames:
* properly merge ref fields in master documents
* query remaining stream size after seeking, not before
* remove properties when removing empty fly frame
* rename members to track down assignments
* resolved BorderLine with only InnerWidth set does not work
* resolved border width lost in ODF import
* resolved use proper Indian Rupee currency symbol U+20B9
* resolves Adapt SDK to changed paths in LO installation
* revert "fix handling of SAFEARRAY(s) returned as variant in olebridge "
* revert publishing of lots of UNO types.
* sc: ODF export: cell styles:
* sc: fix setting borders
* scTableSheetObj::findAll does not return the correct range
* scp2: java accessibilty bridge cleanup:
* survive registered but unavailable binfilter
* svxBorderLine::GuessLinesWidths:
* sw: ODF import: divide width by 3 for "double" borders
* sw: ODF import: prevent border width overriding:
* sw: fix crash in layout frame linked lists:
* sw: remove superfluous flag:
* sw: ww8: ~SwIndexReg assertion: {{i|87910
* swView::SwView: fix BROWSE_MODE setting:
* swXTextTable: fix setting borders
* update the references even if nothing uses them here
* use CJKAnalyzer for ko, zh-CN, and zh-TW, too
* use integers rather than booleans
* use proper sizes for SQL(Get|Set)StmtAttr
* use system stdlibs on Linux by default
* use the old rtf importer for paste
* we need to explicitly set the paste area in ScMarkData
* wrong size of 'Remove watch' button at Basic IDE.