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LibreOffice 3.5.0 Beta 1

Par LibreOffice.org  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

>> Bugs fixed:
# Core
* some minor customshape fixes
* 97: Connector shape fixes.
* ::dispose clears mpPresTimer before releaseTimer called
* add support for Gtk+ print dialog
* allow empty field labels in pivot tables.
* allow filtering by error value.
* aw084: Added code to mimic old behaviour and call user layout link when empty paragraph is rendered
* aw084: Removing DBG_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION since there is a valuable alternative alailable and not a general error happening
* aw084: use GetAllMarkedBoundRect instead of GetAllMarkedRect to get fat line support
* correctly convert chart data ranges.
* disabled tests failing due to .
* don't shown the name of a reference field if it's empty
* enable sc's c++ subsequenttests related
* finally return the real selected sheets, and use it.
* fix crash fdo#42147
* fix library layer mapping for the URELIB ones
* fixed Crash when closing document and several Spreadsheet documents open
* fixed RTF import crash etc.
* fixed freeze chart wizard with non-gregorian date
* fixed pass count in Manage Breakpoints and crash in dialog
* fixed the print preview inconsistency.
* fs34c: check first if value is null
* fs34c: when assigning events, only throw if there is an invalid type given, *not* if the type is correct, but the sequence is merely empty
* fully support external references in CELL function.
* impress210: added missing commits from cws impressdefaults1
* impress210: adding uncommited changes from cws impressdefautls1
* impress210: clean up fill attributes if fill style changes
* impress210: disconnect and reconnect to table style on change model in SdrTableObjImpl
* impress210: fixed distinct shape and page id
* impress210: fixed import of path animation from sxi files
* impress210: put new drawing layer fill and stroke styles in pool only for newly created documents
* impress210: set tooltip for items and some refactoring
* impress210: set zoom to fit_to_window
* impress210: use datetime to get current date
* impress210: using view contact to get bound rect for old path animation import
* impressdefaults1: change default bullet symbol
* incompatible change to solve uno problem related
* inline arm assembler is obsolete by now
* is fixed, tests can be re-enabled.
* link icons to soffice.bin
* make --disable-unix-qstart-libpng really work
* make macro recording work without experimental features
* make sure to adjust the sheet index of drawing objects.
* move initial focus to printer selection
* optimize weak-char overriding
* partially support external refs in CELL function.
* possible fix for fdo#43312
* preserve selected sheets after print preview ended.
* rTF import: fixed the handling of frame properties
* reenable subsequent test
* remove OOo and StarOffice icons from oxygen theme
* remove setCharAt and charAt from O[U]StringBuffer
* reset tab index for SingleRefToVars() call.
* revert "Make macro recording work without experimental features"
* revert "temporary hack: soffice.bin should be type of GUI app, not CUI app "
* rotation needs to be done post flipping.
* safeguard ourselves from potential crashes.
* set the logic straight for "center across selection" setting.
* shrink chart's source ranges to data area.
* slidesorter1: # Update preview when text editing ends.
* slidesorter1: Fixed selection in slidesorter.
* slidesorter1: Outliner holds ViewShell as weak_ptr.
* slidesorter1: Temporarily reset StartWithActualPaget to make startWithArguments use FirstPage property.
* slidesorter1: Temporarily turning off slide tracking to avoid unwanted repositioning of visible area.
* store proper ODFF names, accept aliases
* temporary hack: soffice.bin should be type of GUI app, not CUI app
* tkr41: # office crash fixed . (null pointer) + add unit test

# Help
* don't ignore empty TableCell Element, also check if it's a header