Télécharger Kodi 17.0 Beta 6

KODI  17.0 Beta 6

Par Kodi  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

- Show select dialog for director button in the information panel if there’s more than one director.
- Fix video stall on Android during skipping of video or when opening the player controls.
- Fix potential memory leak in image handling.
- Fix several problems in the cmake build system.
- Redact username and password from the log if user has advancedsettings.xml.
- Fix creating temp folder when handling add-on updates on Windows which fixes the problem from Beta 4.
- Fix possible crash on handling certain fonts.
- Fix possible EPG lock up.
- Fix ASS subtitles on Windows.
- Fix memory leak with ASS and certain regular subtitles on all platforms.
- Revert change that broke RTL (right to left) language subtitles.
- Force re scan of music file tags to makes use of the newest available library structure.
- Fix not updating the favourites menu item after changes had been made.
- Add privacy policy screen in system information.
- Remember last used subtitle service when searching again.
- Fix hash checking in add-on installer which caused certain add-on not downloading when multiple repositories were installed.
- Fix conversion of POPM music tag values to the new 0 to 10 rating.
- Fix several issues to further improve controller support.
- Update CEC library with additional fixes.
- Fix some tag reading issues from music files.

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