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K-Meleon 75.0

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Journal des changements

# New
- Mozilla 31 backend.
- New skin and toolbar implementation
- Spellcheck
# Improved
- Improved sessions storage
- New JsBridge?/macros functions
# Fixed
- Add: macro functions
* addtoolbar,addbutton,removebutton,
* enablebutton,checkbutton,setbuttonimg,
* setcmdicon,settimer,killtimer,
* addperm,fileexists,popupmenu,logmsg
- Add: Jsbridgge functions
* AddButton, RemoveButton
* GetCmdList, RegisterCmd, SetCmdIcon, SetAccel
* LoadPlugin, ShowMenu
- Add: form autocompletion
- Add: spellcheck
- Add: favorites refresh when changing favorites from explorer or IE
- Add: favorites(Refresh) command
- Add: new command names to replace ID_*
- Add: commands navToggleJS, pageToggleJS, appRestart
- Fix: possible cache trash (and maybe cookies) when closing session
- Fix: tab bar button width smaller than the icon.
- Fix: bad font in urlbar autocomplete list
- Fix: background of tabbar when position is not "band" disappearing afer a while
- Fix: throbber transparency on some windows version
- Fix: crash when closing windows session.
- Fix: crash when tab bar very small and using several lines
- Fix: manifest error in executable
- Fix: high CPU usage with animation in multiple tabs
- Fix: about:home memory leak
- Fix: localized prefs and macro function getpref
- Fix: bookmarks added witout url in some system
- Sessions:
* Chg: New storage file.
* Chg: Faster startup.
* Add: Save last selected tab and last active windows.
* Add: Multiscreen support.
* Fix: Better handling of closed tab.
- Toolbars/Skin:
* Add: New skin system
* Add: Support for PNG and other formats, chrome and data url
* Add: Button size scale with dpi and can be user set.
* Chg: toolbars.cfg can be in profile, skin or default/settings (first found in that order is used)
* Chg: toolbars.cfg: button name is used as text button if preceded by '!'