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Wise Disk Cleaner 9.43.659

Wise Cleaner - 3.45MB (Freeware)
Wise Disk Cleaner helps you claw back misused space on your hard drive by easily removing all sorts of redundant junk files, quickly. Wise Disk...

Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

Maxthon International Ltd - 46.07MB (Freeware)
Maxthon Cloud Browser is a powerful web browser which has a highly customizable interface. The browser has multiple tools that make your web experien...

Q-Dir 6.49.5

Nenad Hrg - 523KB (Freeware)
Q-Dir is a great little utility that makes managing your files and folders an easy affair, by allowing you to have more control over your hard disks...

FrostWire 6.4.5

FrostWire - 23.10MB (Open Source)
FrostWire, un cliente Gnutella Peer-to-Peer, es un esfuerzo de colaboración entre distintos desarrolladores Open Source y freelance distribuidos por t...

BWMeter 7.2.0

DeskSoft - 1.08MB (Demo Comercial)
BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, which encompasses a monitor, traffic controller and a firewall to display, measure and control all traffic to...

Blue Griffon 2.3

Blue Griffon - 33.11MB (Open Source)
BlueGriffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. Powered by Gecko, the rendering engine of Firefox, it's a modern and robust soluti...

Cyberduck 5.3.7

David V. Kocher - 48.95MB (Open Source)
FTP software is not the most glamorous category, yet CyberDuck manages to make file transfer appealing. With an attractive interface and support for...

Notepad++ 7.3.2

Notepad++ - 2.77MB (Open Source)
Notepad++ es un editor gratuito de código fuente y un sustituto de Notepad que soporta varios lenguajes. Funciona en entorno MS Windows y su uso está ...

BitTorrent 7.9.9 Build 43364

BitTorrent - 2.29MB (Freeware)
BitTorrent is a torrent client for sharing data via the BitTorrent protocol. The software enables users to share, search, download and upload applicat...


Fenrir Inc - 89.53MB (Freeware)
Sleipnir is an interesting take on the standard web browser. It has been designed to surf the web with numerous tabs open simultaneously, rather tha...
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